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About Me

I was a student of Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh through their Online Division, and I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I’ve been creative in different mediums throughout my life, although my strongest design medium is working digitally. As a designer I have a great sense of color, the ability to judge the effectiveness of a given design, and a strong base in the fundamentals of design.

To a potential client or employer, I want to communicate my dedication, attention to detail, and willingness to work with them so they are happy with the final result. I also want to assure them of my professionalism and versatility, while being able to maintain a sense of humor.

Why "Lix"? It's a nickname I acquired online through an abbreviation of a character named Felixia. I've used it for so long now it's carried over into other parts of my life. Most people though know me as simply Christina. Why use "Lix" as my logo? My name is 19 letters long, not readily lending itself to a logo. And there are famous C.K.s out there I wanted to stand out from.